Follow the steps below to lookup Account History in the Management App:

  1. Search for the resident you’re looking Account History for
  2. Select their name or address from the results.
  3. Go to the Accounting tab
  4. The Account History table will default to displaying ALL Account History items in 10 row increments
    • Capture25
    • You can adjust the date range the displays using the From/To fields
    • Capture26
    • There are buttons (All / 60 Days /90 Days / Last Zero Balance) to help you quickly filter based on the button name
    • Capture27
    • If you would like to view the Total, “check” the Show Total box.
    • Capture29
    • You can utilize the Search bar to search for information in any of the columns.
    • Capture30
    • You can use the Charges dropdown to just display specific types of charges
    • Capture32
    • Clicking Data Export will allow you to save and print the Account History
    • Capture31
View Account History
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