To update Statement Messages, look up an association in the Association Search box, click on the Communication tab, and select Statement Messages from the dropdown.

You’ll see something similar to the below on your page

In the Current Statement Message box, you’ll be able to see the Statement Message that is appear on your current, Regular Statement that is being sent to your Homeowners

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of your Statement Messages.

The line with the globe icon next to it is the general, default message that will appear on all Statements of that type when there is not a custom message set for any given time frame. Clicking on the plus sign will display the message.

Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit that message and the trashcan icon will allow you to delete that message.

To add a new Statement, click on the New icon and the Message window will appear.

Choose whether you want to enter a Regular Statement Message or a Late Statement Message.

In the Start Date and End Date fields, you will select the month that you want that Message to appear – if you want it to just appear for one month, select the same month for the Start and End Date fields.

As you are entering your Statement message, you will see a character count appear.

Click Create.

You can schedule Statement Messages in advance so that you don’t have to update it every month.

In the Billing Questions box, you’ll see the pencil icon that will allow you to customize the contact information that you provide for your residents.

If you click on the question mark in the orange circle next to Billing Questions, you’ll get an idea of how the information will appear.

Statement Message
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