Announcements are messages that will appear to Residents in the Resident Portal. They are maintained through the Management App.

Managers and Senior Managers are given create/update access by default, access for additional team members to have the ability will need to be requested by the Manager and sent to

To manage Announcements, pull up your Association in the Association Search.

Click on the Communication tab and select Announcements from the dropdown.

Here you will see any current Announcements. Please note that there may be Announcements posted from an Administrative, Global level that you will not be able to maintain (these Announcements will not have an Edit or Delete button).

To create a new Announcement, click the +New button.

In the Add Announcement window, fill in the information for your Announcement.

Note: At the moment, hyperlinks will not be clickable by Residents. Feel free to include them, but the ability to click on them will be coming at a later time.

The Announcement will display for the time specified by the dates entered in the Start and End Date fields. If no dates are provided, the Announcement will display indefinitely.

One attachment can be attached at creation, additional attachments can be included by editing an Announcement after clicking Create.

Announcements will display on the Resident Portal as below. Each Title can be clicked to expand

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