As a way to help you easily help residents as well as familiarize yourself with and assistant Residents with the Resident Portal, you have the ability to Impersonate any resident and see exactly what they’re seeing in the Resident Portal. Feel free to click away – everything is “read only” so eventually you’ll click on something that won’t allow you to continue because we don’t want you to accidentally submit something.

To impersonate a specific Resident, pull up their unit in the management App.

On the Unit or Residents tab, find the Resident Portal Accounts section.

Click on the eye icon next to who you would like to impersonate.

You will then be logged into their Resident Portal and you’ll see this banner on every page (the Resident cannot see this).

You will also find the option to Impersonate a Resident by clicking on their email address under the Resident Portal Accounts section and clicking the Impersonate button.

If you do not have a specific Resident that you would like to Impersonate, but still want to log in and don’t know of a specific Unit that has an account created, pull up your Association in the Management App through the Association Search box.

Click on the tab titled “Resident Accounts”.

You’ll see a list of all Resident Accounts that have been created for your association. Simply click on the Impersonate icon in the last column and you’ll be Impersonating that Resident.

 By clicking on the Username column, you will see additional options.

Resident Portal: Account Impersonation
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