Below are the steps for managing documents that will appear on the Resident Portal and the Board Portal.

Open the ASSOCIATIONS folder on the H drive.

Navigate to your association’s folder.

Navigate to the VIVO folder.

In this folder, you will find folders for the two or three different portals: Homeowner, Board Members, and Tenant.

Any PDF document that you save in any folder or subfolder will instantly appear in the designated portal. Any PDF document that you delete will instantly disappear from the designated portal.

View from Resident Portal

Click on My Community and then select Documents

As they click on folders, the folder navigation will appear in the gray area above the folders and documents and they can click on the links to navigate to the previous location.

Helpful Things to Know

  • “Homeowner” refers to the Resident Portal, this will be changed in the near future by IT
  • Not all associations have a Tenant Portal
  • Do not change the name of the VIVO folder or any of these three folders, as it will cause the documents to not be visible to the Residents
  • Documents put in the Board Members folder will appear only to Board Members, documents put in the Homeowners folder will appear to all homeowners, and document put in the Tenant folder will appear to all tenants.
    • All the documents listed in these folders and their subfolders will display on the Homeowner or Board Member website.
    • The name of the file will be the name of the link on the website.
    • If you delete a file in the (Board Members/Homeowners) folder, it will automatically delete the document on the website.
    • If you rename the file in the (Board Members/Homeowners) folder, it will automatically rename the document on the website.
    • If a document needs to appear for Homeowners and Tenants, you will need to place a copy of the document in each folder.
  • Each Portal folder will have certain default folders in them to give you an idea of the types of things you should save. Feel free to remove folders that do not apply and add folders that you feel would be helpful. Only folders with PDF documents within them will appear for the Resident.
  • Documents display in alphabetical order.
    • For posting Meeting Minutes and Agendas, post with the numerical version of the month to have them display chronologically
  • Create subfolders for separate years for easy navigation
  • Any file types other than PDF (Word, Excel, JPG, etc) will not be visible to Residents.
Resident Portal: Managing Documents
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