All Owners have the ability to create their own Resident Portal accounts. Below are the steps that they will take to create their accounts.

No Action team members are to create Resident Portal accounts. To understand what the Resident is viewing, you are to use the Impersonate feature in the Management App.

Go to

Click the Register button.

Type in their 12 digit account number or enter the authorization code they’ve been provided (this is provided through the Management App).

When they enter their 12 digit account number, they will be brought to a page where they need to verify some information so that we know they are the Owner for the property.

They will then need to provide their information (this does not need to match the deed – we actually want to know who is using this account, whether it’s a husband, wife, manager, or assistant). If they entered an Authorization Code, they will be brought directly to this page instead of having to verify any information.

After they click Register, they’ll be logged in to their account.

Resident Portal: Registering for an Account
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