Residents have the ability to reset their own password from the Resident Portal log in page.

Please note: if they had a VIVO account and have not yet migrated their account, they will not be able to reset their password. There are two options: You can send them an Account Migration Email or they can Register for a new account (if they have not Migrated their account, then their account technically doesn’t exist in the Resident Portal, so they can use the same email address they used previously). You can tell if they have Migrated their account yet if their account appears under the Resident Portal Account section of the Management App. If they only have accounts listed under VIVO [Old], they have not migrated yet.

Assuming their account has been migrated, you can also reset their password for them through the Management App.

Pull up their property and find the Resident Portal Accounts section on the Unit or Residents tabs.

Click on the email address for the account whose password you would like to reset, and click the Send Password Reset Email.

Clicking this link will unlock their account (if it’s locked) and will send them an email that looks like the below

Clicking on the link will direct them to this page where they can set up their new password.



Resident Portal: Reset Password
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