Please follow the below steps to utilize the electronic Mass Mailer in the Management App.

Through the Association Search, pull up the association that you would like to contact.

Click Communication in the navigation bar and select Mass Mailer.

You will be brought to a page that will display up to three sections: Drafts, Scheduled, and History.

  • If the Drafts section appears, you will find any Mass Mailers that have been worked on but have not been sent out yet. To modify these, either click on the subject or select the Edit button.
  • If the Scheduled section appears, you will find any Mass Mailers that have been scheduled to be sent out in the future. To modify these, click on the subject.
  • In the History section, you will see a record of all Mass Mailers sent out through the Mass Mailer. By clicking on the subject, you’ll be able to see additional information on the content and recipients.

On the top right of the page (above the Drafts section) click the +New button.

On this page, you will also see five buttons: Save Draft, Send Test, Send Now, Schedule, and Delete.

  • Save Draft: The page automatically saves your draft every time you make an adjustment on the page, but if you’d like to save on your own, you can use this button. This will make it appear in the Drafts section.
  • Send Test: If you would like to see exactly what the Mass Mailer will look like from the resident’s perspective, click Send Test. Your email address will automatically fill in the first field, but you can enter in two other email addresses that will also get a test email. After you Send Test, the email will appear in the Drafts section until you send the real email.
  • Send Now: Clicking Send Now will send out your Mass Mailer within the next minute. After clicking Send Now you’ll have one more page to review Recipients before sending.
    • If you click Send Now without first visiting the Recipients tab, your Mass Mailer will go out to every Resident (Owners, Tenants, Miscellaneous, etc).
  • Schedule: Clicking Schedule allows you to schedule your Mass Mailer to send out at some point in the future. It defaults to sending it 24 hours later, but you can adjust this based on your needs. If you want to make adjusts or cancel the Mass Mailer, you’ll be able to do that through the Scheduled section on the Mass Mailer home page.
    • If you click Send Now without first visiting the Recipients tab, your Mass Mailer will go out to every Resident (Owners, Tenants, Miscellaneous, etc).

On this page you will see four tabs: Mailer, Recipients, Attachments, and Content Preview.

Mailer Tab

  • At the top you’ll have the option of sending the Mass Mailer from (with the association name as the display name) or from yourself.
    • If you send the Mass Mailer from, the replies will not be sent to anyone. If you send from yourself, replies will be sent to you.
  • Template: You will see a few options that are available for all associations.
    • On the right hand side you will see a Template Preview window. This will give you a quick glance at what the template you’ve selected looks like. Wherever you see something in brackets {{ }}, that information will populate with whatever information is placed in the corresponding field. If no information is placed in the field, then the {{ }} will disappear when it is sent out. Clicking on Live Preview will take you to the Live Preview page which will show you exactly what will appear in each field when the Mass Mailer is sent.
    • Generic (No Logo): This is a template that has no logo, but allows for a custom Header (if you enter verbiage) and a custom Footer.
    • Association (Square/Tall/Rectangle/Wide Logo): This template will pull the logo that is used in Jenark and insert it in the top left header of the template. If there is no logo stored in the Jenark database, there will be no logo. Please utilize the Live Preview tab to figure out which Logo size looks best for your association’s logo dimensions.
    • Custom Template: If your association has requested an association branded template, you will see it as an option in the dropdown.
      • If you would like a Custom Template, please use the Contact Support Link and we’d be happy to either create a Custom Template or Custom Footer.
  • Subject: Whatever you place in the Subject field will appear in the subject of the email.
  • Header: Whatever you place in the Header field will appear in the {{header}} area of the email
    • Note: Not all templates have been configured to have a {{header}} field, so this field may not appear
  • Body: Whatever text you place in the Body field will appear in the {{body}} section of the email. You will also see that there are some formatting options (font size, bold, italics, etc) as well as the ability to insert a hyperlink.
  • Footer: Whatever appears in the Footer field will appear in the {{footer}} section of the template. In the dropdown you may see a few options for what can appear.
    • Some templates have a “hard coded” footer that cannot be modified; you will see it in the Template Preview. If this is the case, you may not see a Footer dropdown and field.
    • Some templates have a half-hard coded footer, where it will take some of your information (such as your name, title, and contact information) and insert that into the footer section (you will see text such as {{{sendername}}} that will populate with your information).
    • Some templates allow for a completely “open” Footer, which allows you to enter in whatever you would like in the {{footer}} field.
      • You will also see that there are some formatting options (font size, bold, italics, etc) as well as the ability to insert a hyperlink.

Recipients Tab

If you are familiar with the previous Mass Mailer, this section works similar to the old system. If no checkboxes are selected, then your Mass Mailer will go out to every Resident (Owners, Tenants, Miscellaneous, etc). The more checkboxes you select, the more narrowed down your Recipients will be.

All associations have the ability to utilize Unit groups now. Examples of Unit Groups: Floors, Buildings/Towers/Stacks/Faces/Streets. There are additional groups that can be configured – just ask IT if what you’re looking for is possible.

Unit Groups are not Resident Groups. This is not where you would designate Pet Owners or Motorcycle Owners, as these are groups that will not change based on the Owner changing. Resident Groups are not currently available, but will be in the future.

If you would like Unit Groups set up for your association, please follow the below steps:

  • Generate Unit Report
    • In the Management App, pull up your association and click on Reports.
    • Select the Resident Listing report.
    • Keep “Current” selected under Resident Status
    • In the Report Fields box, click the “Select None” button
    • “Check” Control and Address
    • Download Report
    • Open file
    • Select Data in the navigation ribbon and click Remove Duplicates
    • Click OK in the window that pops up.
    • Click OK in the completion Window
  • Assign Groups
    • On the report add column headings starting in Column C.
      • Example of Headings: Floor, Stack, Tower
    • Fill in the corresponding Floor/Stack/Tower for each cell
  • Once the spreadsheet is complete, save the file and submit it to the Help Desk team using the Contact Support Link. They will then be able to populate the information in the Mass Mailer.

Below are two examples of how the filtering checkboxes work:

  1. In this scenario, the Mass Mailer will go out to all Owners, Owners-email consent, and Tenants on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors in stacks 1, 2, and 3.
  • In this scenario, the mass mailer will go to everyone on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors in the North Tower.

Every association will automatically have the Additional Recipients box, which will allow you to include the listed individuals regardless of what additional filters you have selected.

  • The Board Member email addresses are pulling from what is entered in the Community Names section of Jenark (also what is displayed in the Board Members section on the association Dashboard in the Management App).

At the bottom of the Recipients Tab you’ll see the Recipients Preview that that will list the email address of everyone that will be sent the Mass Mailer based on the filters you’ve selected (except for the “Additional Recipients”).

Attachments Tab

You can add multiple PDF documents to the Mass Mailer.

Click on the +New button to add attachments.

Content Preview Tab

This tab will show you a preview of how the content will appear in the Mass Mailer. Please note that there may be differences in regards to font size and some template features that may not appear exact. The best way to see exactly what the Mass Mailer will look like is to utilize the Send Test button.

When you are ready to Send out the email, either select the Send Now or Schedule bottom.

Electronic Mass eMailer (Detailed Overview)
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