There is a much more extensive walk through of every feature of the Mass Mailer here, but this a quick walk through on how to send a Mailer.

When viewing an association, click on Communication and then Mass Mailer.


Click New.
Select which template works best for your association.
Enter a subject.
Enter a header (not required).
Fill in the body of the email.
Select a Footer.
Click Send Test email to review that the content and format look correct.
Click on the Recipients tab.
If you click no checkboxes, the email will go out to every Resident’s email address (view the Recipients Preview section to review who will be receiving the email).
The more checkboxes you select, the narrowed down the recipients will be.
***If you would like floors, stacks, buildings, streets, blocks, etc configured, please reach out to IT and we’ll let you know what is needed to configure that
If you would like to also include yourself, the Manager, Assistant, Senior, or Board of Directors included on the Mass Mailer, click the checkboxes under Additional Recipients.
Add any PDF attachments under the Attachments tab.
Click Send Now to send the email immediately or click Schedule to schedule the email for the future.


Electronic Mass eMailer (Quick Overview)
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