Below are the steps for scanning in packages, manually entering packages, and entering packages in batch.

NOTE: If you have access to more than one association in the Management App, you will need to search for an association in the Association Search box before you start scanning in packages.

Recognizing a Tracking Number

Some packages that come in have multiple bar codes on them. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re actually scanning in the correct bar code

  • Most labels have all or some of the tracking number listed on the label numerically, so when you scan in a barcode, make sure that part of it matches. If it doesn’t match, try a different bar code. In the image below, you’ll see blue boxes around the tracking numbers. All of the below labels also say “TRK#” or “TRACKING #” in front of the number, so it is easy to find it amongst any other strings of numbers on the label.
  • If you ever scan a bar code and a tracking number with underscores appear, that is NOT a tracking number. Try a different bar code.
  • If you’re ever unsure, you can always go to the shipping company’s website and scan in the different barcodes in the Tracking section and see which one generates a result

Scanning in a Package

  • From any page, scan the tracking bar code on the package and a New Package window will appear
  • If it is for a unit, in the Unit Search box type in the recipient’s name or address and select the recipient. If the exact name doesn’t appear for that specific unit, click on any resident for that unit and you’ll be able to see additional options.
  • You will then see all Residents for that Unit as well as any specific instructions a Resident has set. For the package below, I would also “check” the Resident Selah Short, as her instructions are to include her on all deliveries.
    • The instructions come from that specific Resident’s Package Instructions that can be found by searching for them in the Resident Search box and clicking on their name.
  • If the package is for a Team Member, select the Association radio button. No notifications go out for Association packages.
  • After you’ve selected the Resident(s), you need to complete the rest of the fields for the package.
  • Status: 
    • The default Status for all new packages is Received (because it has been received by the front desk).
    • If a Resident drops off a package to be picked up by a courier, change the status to Outgoing, so that the package will appear in the Outgoing section.
  • Type:
    • The default Type is Package, but if the item received is something other than a package (for example, an envelope, dry cleaning, or perishable), select the correct Type.
    • The on-site Management Team has the ability to add additional Types if necessary.
  • Courier and Courier Description:
    • If the system can determine what the courier is based on the tracking number, it will automatically find it from the list. If it is not automatically selected, choose the correct Courier from the list. The Courier Description field will also update based on what is selected, but you can manually enter a description (specifically designed for when Other is selected).
    • The on-site Management Team has the ability to add additional Couriers if necessary.
  • Description:
    • The default Description is blank and it is not required. However, this can be used to enter information describe the size or color of the package.
  • Tracking Number:
    • This field is Read Only when scanning in a package. This tracking number may be longer than what is written on the label as often times the bar code has a longer number embedded in it and the label contains the last several digits.
  • Location:
    • This is the location where the package will be stored. The association may have a default location set, but if it is being stored elsewhere, select the proper location from the dropdown.
    • The on-site Management Team has the ability to add additional Locations if necessary.
  • Once all of the fields have been entered, click Create (see below for information regarding the Create & Add to new Batch option).

Scanning in Multiple Packages (“Batch”)

In order to increase the speed that packages can be entered in the system and prevent interruptions from residents picking up packages before the packages have been stored, the Management App has a Batch feature. No notifications will go out for items scanned into a Batch until the Batch has been completed.

  • To start a batch, scan in the first package as you would normally (as described in the previous section), except instead of clicking “Create” when finished, click “Create & Add to new Batch”).
  • After you create the first package for the Batch, you’ll be brought to the screen where you can see all packages included in the same batch
  • To add the next item, simply scan another package as you would any other package, and then select Add to the Batch. You can manually add an item that doesn’t contain a barcode by clicking the Add Package button.
  • If you need to navigate away from the Batch in the middle of scanning, you won’t lose where you’re at. To get back to the batch, simply go back to the Association Concierge Dashboard, select Packages from the left navigation bar, and then click on the Batch number in the Incomplete Batches window and continue scanning packages.
  • When all packages have been added to a Batch, click on the Complete Batch button
  • In the next window, you can choose to delay the notifications from going out to provide you enough time to put the packages in the proper storage location and return to the front desk.

Picking Up a Package

There are multiple ways that you can mark a package as being picked up in the system. Below are two options

  • Start with finding at least one package for that Unit in the Management App.
    • You can search for a resident’s name in the Resident Search, click on their name, and then click on PENDING PICK UP.
  • From the Association Concierge Dashboard, you can click on AWAITING PICKUP, and then search for the address in the Search box
  • Click on the checkboxes next to the packages that Resident is picking up and then click the blue Pick Up button
  • On the next page, you’ll see all of the packages you selected as well as any additional packages for that Unit that still need to be picked up. You can click the green button to also include that package to be picked up at the same time
  • Click Sign for Packages
    • If a Signature Pad is connected, a Signature window will display and you’ll see their signature appear. Click Accept.
  • If there is no Signature Pad connected, click Submit.

Updating a Package

Sometimes you need to update a package after it has been entered in the system and before it has been picked up (for example, changing the location from the Package Room to the Desk Drawer).

  • Click on the Package ID
  • Click Options
  • Click Update
  • Change the information that needs to be updated.
  • Click Update

Needs to Notify

Some Residents have chosen not to receive email or text message notifications for packages. In those situations, you will see how many packages are waiting to be picked up but the Resident hasn’t been notified yet.

  • Click on NEED TO NOTIFY
  • Click on the ID for a package
  • If you notified the resident by some method (while on the phone with them, as they walked through the lobby, added on to an email about another topic, etc), click on the Notified button under Notes.
  • Add information about how you notified them.
  • Click Create.

This package will no longer appear in the NEED TO NOTIFY section.

Outgoing Packages

If a Resident leaves an item at the Front Desk for a package to be picked up by a Courier, it should be added to the Management App. You will add it in just as described in the Scanning a Package section, except instead of using the default status, you must change it to Outgoing.

  • When a courier arrives, click on the Outgoing button on the Association Concierge Dashboard.
  • Select the checkboxes next to any items that can be picked up by the Courier
  • Click Pick Up.
  • Click Sign for Packages and either have them sign and Accept or simply click Submit.
  • The Resident(s) will receive a notification that their package has been picked up.
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