NOTE: If you have access to more than one association in the Management App, you will need to search for an association in the Association Search box before you start scanning in packages.

Picking Up a Package

There are multiple ways that you can mark a package as being picked up in the system. Below are two options

  • Start with finding at least one package for that Unit in the Management App.
    • You can search for a resident’s name in the Resident Search, click on their name, and then click on PENDING PICK UP.
  • From the Association Concierge Dashboard, you can click on AWAITING PICKUP, and then search for the address in the Search box
  • Click on the checkboxes next to the packages that Resident is picking up and then click the blue Pick Up button
  • On the next page, you’ll see all of the packages you selected as well as any additional packages for that Unit that still need to be picked up. You can click the green button to also include that package to be picked up at the same time
  • Click Sign for Packages
    • If a Signature Pad is connected, a Signature window will display and you’ll see their signature appear. Click Accept.
  • If there is no Signature Pad connected, click Submit.

Packages – Picking Up a Package
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