NOTE: If you have access to more than one association in the Management App, you will need to search for an association in the Association Search box before you start scanning in packages.

In order to increase the speed that packages can be entered in the system and prevent interruptions from residents picking up packages before the packages have been stored, the Management App has a Batch feature. No notifications will go out for items scanned into a Batch until the Batch has been completed.

  • To start a batch, scan in the first package as you would normally (as described here), except instead of clicking “Create” when finished, click “Create & Add to new Batch”).
  • After you create the first package for the Batch, you’ll be brought to the screen where you can see all packages included in the same batch
  • To add the next item, simply scan another package as you would any other package, and then select Add to the Batch. You can manually add an item that doesn’t contain a barcode by clicking the Add Package button.
  • If you need to navigate away from the Batch in the middle of scanning, you won’t lose where you’re at. To get back to the batch, simply go back to the Association Concierge Dashboard, select Packages from the left navigation bar, and then click on the Batch number in the Incomplete Batches window and continue scanning packages.
  • When all packages have been added to a Batch, click on the Complete Batch button
  • In the next window, you can choose to delay the notifications from going out to provide you enough time to put the packages in the proper storage location and return to the front desk.

Packages – Scanning in Multiple Packages (“Batch”)
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