For on-site associations, it’s helpful to be able to quickly access a view that shows a lot of information for a unit instead of continually landing on an individual resident. We refer to the view that you can view a lot of information as the Concierge Dashboard and the view where you land on an individual resident as the Resident Profile.

Resident Profile:

Concierge Dashboard (Unit):

By default selecting a Resident in the Resident Search bar from the top left will land you on the Resident Profile. To change this, the association must be already using the Management App for Onsite Features (packages, guests, etc). Then follow these steps:

Access any resident’s Resident Profile.

Click on the gear to the right of the association’s name near the top right.

Select Concierge from the dropdown and click Update.

Now when you select a Resident from the Resident Search box, you will land on the Unit’s Concierge Dashboard.

Please note that there is also a Concierge Dashboard for the Association as a whole. Please see this post to configure that setting.

Resident Search – Concierge Dashboard
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