In order to better identify the Residents that we interact with, the Management App allows you to identify Residents beyond “Owner”, “Miscellaneous Resident”, “Management Agent” and “Tenant”. Previously, “Miscellaneous Resident” was used to identify a “non-deeded Owner”. For example, previously, if a Unit was owned by Smith Family Trust but Jack and Jill lived there and were the physical embodiment of the Deeded Owners, you would have clicked the New button under Tenants.




And then selected Misc. Resident as the Resident Type to get them to display on the Unit.














And the final result would look like this:










Now, however, you have the ability to add them using the label of “Owner” without it affecting the actual Deeded Owners names that Escrow has entered. You will also be able to label these Owners as a type other than just Owner.














You can also edit a current Resident’s Type by clicking the edit icon next to their current Resident Type




To see what Resident Types your association currently has, pull up your association’s home page and in the left navigation bar scroll to Configuration





And then select Resident Types









You will see a list of all of your Resident Types (please note that your list may not be as extensive as this).


in the colors that you utilize (keeping Tenant colors all to be a shade of green and Owner colors a shade of blue, etc).


For instructions on how to Create a New Resident Type, click here.

Resident Types
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