A “Future” owner is someone who we know owns the unit, but Action’s Escrow Department is still going through their process of adding the new Owners into the system.

From a hospitality standpoint – typically for on-site associations – it can be helpful to have the name and contact information for a “Future” Owner in the Management App to be able to start accepting packages, reaching out in regards to Guests, including in Mass eMails, etc. All information added for this Future Resident will have to be manually migrated once they are the current Deeded Owner.

However, there are some very important things that you must understand and do in order for this to be utilized

  • Until the “Deeded Owner” name has been updated by Escrow, do NOT delete/modify any of the existing Owner names/contact information. That information needs to remain on the Unit for historical purposes. You will add the Future Owner in addition to the existing Owners.
    • Deeded Owners








    • Future Owner










  • Make sure that the Future Owner Type (in Configuration) is set to NOT send a Resident Portal Invitation. If this is not configured, there is a chance that someone could send the Invitation to the Future Owner, but it would give them access to theĀ current Deeded Owner’s account. The new Owner CANNOT be given access to the Resident Portal until they are in the Deeded Names section.





  • While the Resident is a Future Owner, you CANNOT tell them any Account Information, this includes, but is not limited to:
    • Account Number (this is the current Deeded Owners account number, Escrow has not assigned them their Account Number yet)
    • Account Balance/Ledger Information
    • Non-Compliance History
    • Architectural History
  • To help make sure that anyone looking at this Resident understands not to provide account information, add a note in Resident Notes that will make sure that no one will accidentally provide that information (such as: Do not provide any account information (account number, balance, etc), pending Escrow transition.)
  • When Escrow inputs the new Owner information and the Deeded Owners section is updated, you will need to manually move any phone numbers, email addresses, instructions, guests, vehicles, etc from the “Future Owner” record to the new Owner record. You will be able to find the information under the Unit > History tab









Future Residents
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