If you would like to update your Covid-19 Vaccination Status, follow the below steps:

Access your My Profile page within the Management App (can also be access by clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting My Profile).

Click Update Status in the COVID-19 Vaccination Status section

Scroll and through the Disclaimer

Click the Checkbox next to Acknowledge

Select your Vaccination Status

If you select either “I have not been fully vaccinated” or “I decline to answer this question”, simply click Submit Response and your Status has been documented.


At any time you can return to this page and modify your Vaccination Status.

If you select “I am fully vaccinated”, you will then be prompted to upload proof of your vaccination (example: vaccination card) and then click Submit Response.

After you have submitted your proof of vaccination, you will be emailed a Certificate of Vaccination that you must forward to your Supervisor.

At any time you can return to this page and download your Certificate, download the proof you uploaded, and update your Status.

Vaccination Status
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