Please note that not all team members are able to see and/or update the Vaccination Status or the Report. If you have been asked to view or update this information, the request to do so must be submitted by your General Manager. The ability to track Resident Vaccination Statuses is also not a feature that is enabled for every association (originally this is only enabled for San Francisco associations based on a city-wide order).

Update Resident Vaccination Status

Access the individual’s Resident Profile

Click on the Update button

After checking to see if the resident is Fully Vaccinated as of the date listed, select the appropriate option.

If they are Fully Vaccinated, you will be able to see that on the Resident Profile

And on the Concierge Dashboard, notated by a syringe.


Resident Vaccination Status Report

Access your association’s Reports tab

Select Resident Vaccination Status

And click Generate Report to view total responses

Resident Vaccination Status
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