Follow the below instructions on creating amenities for inspections

Navigate to the “Amenities” tab on the left side-bar.

Creating a new Amenity

1. Click on “+ New Amenity” at the top-right.

2. Select an “Amenity Template”

  • Select a pre-made template and edit
    • This is SnapHOA’s pre-made amenity templates. It is recommended to edit as necessary.
  • Create a “Custom Amenity”
    • You will have to create custom “Sub-Areas”
  • Clone an “Existing Amenity”
    • Ex. North Pool & South Pool

Custom Amenity

1. Create an Amenity Name and select the Inspection Frequency

2. Select “+New Area” and create an “Area Name” and add in “Sub-Areas”.

  • “Sub-Areas” are the specific items in an “Area”

3. Click “Submit” once done.

Editing an existing Amenity

1. Select the ‘pencil and paper” icon to edit an existing amenity

2. Make any edits to the “Areas” and Sub-Areas”

3. Click “Save” once done.

SnapHOA Violations – Creating/Editing an Amenity for Inspection
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