You can add/edit new Violation Types by navigating to your Association Settings – Violations – Types

Editing an existing type

Edit an existing type by selecting the ‘pencil and paper’ symbol.

You can then make any changes and select ‘Update”.

Adding a new Sub-Type

Add a new Sub-Type by selecting “+New Sub-Type” in the Violation – Types settings.

There are three options:

  1. Create Multiple new Types (using a CSV file)
  2. Create one (1) new Type
  3. Import existing Type from Company Settings

Note: Option 3 is recommended for any common violation types. Option 2 is recommended for any special violation types.

It is important to note that all new Types will need citation verbiage referencing any CC&R Articles or Rules and Regulations. It should also be written to flow with a sentence structure. See example below:

SnapHOA Violations – Types: Creating/Editing
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