If the owner has provided the Email Consent form to Management and need to marked as Email Consent:

  • Look up the Unit that the form applies to through the Resident Search
  • Go to the Unit > Overview
  • Click on the edit button next to Email Consent
    • NOTE: Only Managers and Assistants will be given the access to update this. If you do not have access, you will not see the Edit button
  • “Check” the checkbox next to the Yes/No in the Email Consent Window
    • The Email Consent window will look slightly different depending on whether they are agreeing to Email Consent or not

Removing Consent


  • The information that displays when you click Show Details is the same regardless of whether they need are Consenting or Removing Consent
  • When an Email Consent status is changed, a Note is automatically added to the Notes section on Unit > Overview. Notations made by an email address were made by the Resident in the Resident Portal.
Changing a Unit’s Email Consent Status
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