With the transition to the Management App for onsite tasks from the Onsite Portal, there is one section that will remain in the Onsite Portal for a few more months: Work Orders. The “Vendors” list in the Onsite Portal is directly related to Work Orders, so those will also remain there so that Work Orders can be assigned.

However, if your association has utilized the Vendors list in the Onsite Portal as more of a spot where you store “recommended” vendors to provide to Residents, you can add that information to your Profile in the Management App (please remember that the Profile in the Management App and Vendors list in Sharepoint have no syncing capabilities, so you may need to continue to update both lists).

Follow the below steps:

Click on the Profile icon in the navigation bar

Click New.


Select Vendor Info for the Category. And select the appropriate Topic, if the topic is not there, select “General”.

The Question should be the type of vendor (Phone, Internet, Cameras, etc. This may duplicate what you selected in the Topic field).

The Answer should be the name of the company, website, any access information or additional details.

You can also add the vendor’s address or other information under Vendor Address and Vendor Notes. If you have a Jenark Vendor Code, feel free to add it.

In the Vendor Contact section, provide a name (this might just be the company name again), phone number, email address, etc. You can add additional contacts for the same vendor using the Additional Contact button.

Here is an example of what adding the Action IT department as a vendor should look like

After you’ve added this information, in the Profile Search box that says “What are you looking for?” you can search for Technology, Action, IT, Help Desk, Support, or any of the information you see listed and it’ll pop up.

If you are using this as a preferred vendor to provide to residents, we would recommend including something like “**Preferred Vendors** at the end of the “Question”, so that you could search for “Preferred” and all of the options would show up.

You might also have multiple vendors for a specific type of action (perhaps you have multiple Taxi Companies you recommend. You can enter those like the below:

Adding Vendors to Profile (Onsites)
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