Receiving payment using the Management App is very easy. If you’re receiving a payment for a miscellaneous charge only follow the steps below.

  1. Search for the resident you’re receiving the payment from
  2. Select their name or address from the results
  3. Click on the Accounting tab.
  4. In the Accounting tab, click on the “Payment Receipt” link (note that your Options section might have an AutoPayment button in the section below).
  5. In the Payment Receipt window select the option “Misc. Payment”.
  6. Select the payment description from the drop down menu and enter the payment amount.
  7. Continue step 5 for additional payments.
  8. Type the check number in the check number field, and click submit.
  9. At this point you can print a receipt for the homeowner and print the completed AR Form to submit to Cash Posting.

NOTE: Also look at Receive Assessment Only Payment

Receive Miscellaneous Payment
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