For associations that use the Onsite Portal, Residents have the ability to configure their own Pick Up Instructions for packages. They can add specifics such as “Please call when an item arrives.” or “Do not allow daughter to sign for packages.” These items will appear in the Onsite Portal when a package is signed.

A Resident can view and modify their Pick Up Instructions by logging into the Resident Portal.

On the Dashboard, they will see a list of Residents (Owners will see all Residents, Tenants will only see Tenants). When they click on the Edit button , they’ll see the contact information that they can update, and if the scroll down they’ll see the Pick Up Instructions box. Note: Owners can view/modify ALL Owner Pick Up Instructions and Tenants can view/modify ALL Tenant Pick Up Instructions.

Any information in the Pick Up Instructions box will appear in the Onsite Portal in two places: on the Owner’s information screen and when assigning a package to a Resident.


Any modifications made by Team Members in the Onsite Portal or by Residents through the Resident Portal will be visible to Team Members and Residents, so it’s important for all instructions to be professional.




Resident Portal: Pick Up Instructions
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